The channel shows a casual aspect of Haute Couture on the runway in Paris

The channel’s creative director, Virginie Weird, chose a low-key presentation of Hout Couture for the French fashion house’s autumn-winter runway show on Tuesday, sending a mix of tweed ensembles with long, full-skirt dresses and slightly comfortable fits.

The label was taken to a stables on the outskirts of Paris, where a set was created that played with optical effects, with geometric patterns running diagonally while large silver globes hanging from the ceiling.

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The show began with a projection by Farrell Williams, playing a drum set with electronic music grinding in the background.

When the soundtrack suddenly switches to a soothing voice, a wavy-haired model wearing a lime green skirt and jacket comes out of the fashion lineup. Others follow, jig-jagging across the floor, in beige, pale pink and a completely black look.

The jackets were paired with loose trousers or skirts that wrapped around the ankles, with pockets and rows of buttons punctuating home signature tweeds in a variety of patterns, including stripes.

Low heels and floppy hats add to the casual flavor of the lineup, while glittering ornaments are kept to a minimum.

Closing the ceremony, even the traditional bride in a white wedding dress looked comfortable, her hand poking into the front pocket. Holding a white bow over his head, the ribbon tails are flowing backwards.

The Haute Couture show runs until July 7 in Paris.

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