The Communist Party leader told the Nepalese minister that China was interested in developing relations with India

China is keen to improve its relations with India as it will ensure “Asia free from outside interference”.
The subtle message, The Indian Express has learned, was that Liu Jianchao, a senior leader of China’s ruling Communist Party, made the remarks during a meeting with Nepal’s Foreign Minister Narayan Khadkar on Sunday evening.

Liu, who heads the international department of the Communist Party, has also flagged the role of the United States in the wake of multiple agreements between the United States and Nepal in recent months, sources said.

Liu also highlighted Nepal’s parliament’s approval of a $ 500 million grant as part of the Millennium Challenge Corporation Agreement and Nepal’s position on the war in Ukraine. Nepal has sided with the United States and condemned US actions in Ukraine.

According to sources, Khadka assured Liu that Nepal’s dealings with the United States were not development-oriented and security-related – and “in no way” directed against China.

Khadka added that normal and improved relations between China and India would have a greater and more positive impact on stability and peace in South Asia.

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