The do’s and don’ts of ChatGPT in the car

We wrote yesterday that Mercedes-Benz is the first car brand to add ChatGPT to its cars. It becomes part of the voice assistant within the infotainment system. That raises some questions: what should and can be done with that AI?

In any case, you can ask it for things that have to do with your car, such as the temperature and the navigation. But there is more, after all, all this is already possible with other assistants.

Do: make reservations at a restaurant

You will soon be able to book a table in a restaurant or a ticket for the cinema with ChatGPT, for example. At least that is what is suggested. It reminds us of Google that also wanted you to use the Google Assistant to book a hairdressing appointment from now on, which has not really taken off in the Netherlands at least.

Don’t: ask for new things

Although ChatGPT is not used, but GPT-4 which is slightly newer, you have to be careful about asking for too new things. Sometimes AI is trained for a certain period of time and then new things are not yet included. However, ChatGPT isn’t exactly honest about doing anything because it doesn’t know. He comes up with a very convincing answer that is full of factual inaccuracies. And GPT-4 has less of that, because it contains newer information, but it is by no means foolproof.

Do: ask things about your destination

ChatGPT knows a lot of course, so if you have to go to the toilet immediately at your destination, you can probably ask where you can. Or maybe you want to know if there are nice sights around the hotel where you are staying. Those are typical things that ChatGPT can tell you.

Don’t: get too distracted

Being busy with all kinds of topics is attractive with a smart system like ChatGPT, but be careful that you are busy driving. So try to limit its use. Even though it is hands-free, it is still distracting and you should always be aware of that.

Do: request traffic information

It depends on how up-to-date ChatGPT is in the car, but if you can, for example, ask it for advice on how best to drive when an accident has happened, then it will really help you. the car. But also if you can, for example, ask what a certain sign means if you wonder whether you are following the rules.

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