The iDEAL payment system is getting a major upgrade: profiles are possible

iDEAL has been live since 2005 and in many cases it is the payment system for online purchases (70 percent, to be precise). Many banks are connected to it and it works like a charm. However, that train can still be a bit faster, it turns out: iDEAL is getting a major upgrade, with which it is possible to create a profile to pay even faster.

The renewed iDEAL

The technology behind iDEAL is completely renewed. You will soon be able to create a profile on iDEAL, which will allow you to complete your order in a webshop more quickly. It is not mandatory, but if you want you can create a profile and you can already set a preferred bank account. In this way you can use the new ‘quick order’ option, so that you do not have to select your bank first, but this has already been filled in for you.

If you don’t feel like entering your address details and delivery address every time, this is also solved with your iDEAL account, because you can enter that information there so that it can be automatically passed on to the webshop. Sounds a bit familiar, doesn’t it? This is also how Paypal works, the international internet payment method in which you can pay with your credit card in addition to your bank accounts (although there is some time in between). iDEAL is a bit more direct in that regard, although it is not possible to use your credit card there, only your regular bank account.

pay later

Just like in Klarna, iDEAL will also make it possible to have a payment debited from your account only when you want it to. If you know that you will receive a salary at an x ​​time, but you want to place the order permanently, you can do so later. This option is probably not immediately available when the new iDEAL is introduced, but it will be available, Emerce writes. However, the necessary discussions must first be held with the authorities for this to happen.

iDEAL will soon also work slightly differently on your telephone. If you buy something online with iDEAL, you will receive a push notification from your banking app on your phone and you can then finalize your payment when you confirm in the app. That saves an extra screen that does not need to be loaded, namely that of the bank, after which you must automatically continue to the web store (which can sometimes go wrong). Hopefully this means that, for example, even if you are on vacation and do not have a great connection, you can still easily complete an online order.

October 2023

Can’t wait to see and use the new iDEAL? Unfortunately, we still have to wait a while. The purchases you make this spring and summer will still go the old way, because iDEAL will release the update in October. Not immediately with everyone, because certain banks will first switch to this new iDEAL. However, there will initially be a test among a select group. One thing is reassuring: if you are not at all waiting for the new way of iDEALs, you can always continue to use the old-fashioned way.

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