The Last of Us Episode 5 – Surviving and Fleeing from Kansas City

This blog post contains spoilers for episode 5 of ‘The Last of Us’.

The fifth episode of The Last of Us ‘Endure and Survive’ already appeared on HBO last night and that has everything to do with the Superbowl that will be broadcast on Sunday night. In any case, it gives you two extra days to let Henry’s message sink in more deeply.

The Last of Us continues as Henry points a gun at Ellie. It is the first introduction to Henry (Lamar Johnson) and his little brother Sam (Keivonn Woodard). Henry is the bad guy that Kathleen and her entire army are looking for. It becomes clear that Henry is the indirect killer of Kathleen’s dead brother Michael. He was once the leader of Kathleen’s current Kansas City resistance group and was betrayed to FEDRA by Henry in exchange for treatment for little Sam’s leukemia.

Henry’s confession

Henry’s statement that he’s the bad guy because he’s done something with a bad guy makes sense to Joel. It may be the reason that gives him a license to protect Ellie under any circumstances. Henry’s confession is literally the calm before the storm to come as is the moment when Kathleen (Please Hold my Hand) at her right hand Perry appears to apologize for her atrocities resulting from her brother’s death.

Henry and his little brother Sam

Endure and Survive

The invisible tension between the vengeful Kathleen and Perry seems as if the two have something together. Maybe you expect a little more here because it seems like the start of a new storyline but it won’t come at this point. We don’t see either of them until Henry, Joel, Ellie and Sam are discovered just before the four of them have fled the city through tunnels. Without ever having played the game, you realize that the change of characters, not like the episode with Bill and Frank, goes at a high pace. By presenting a new cast every episode, the episodes seem to stand alone as separate stories.

The title of episode 5 ‘Endure and Survive’ lives up to its name because from the moment Joel goes after a sniper, the story explodes. After a crashed truck ends up in a Sinkhole, an immense horde of infected creatures emerge from the hole and it becomes an immense massacre. Perry is beheaded by a monster (unclear what that was exactly) and Kathleen also dies in an appropriate way (children die too).

What clearly resonates with Joel and Ellie is the way Henry and Sam come to an end at the end of the episode. Actually, you are best left with some questions, but there is clearly no time to give depth to the storylines.

Survive and that doesn’t just apply to Joel and Ellis

My blood is the medicine

Before Sam dies there is a moment where the essence of Ellie and Joel’s survival journey becomes clear as Ellie tries to heal Sam by rubbing her blood on his infected wound. “My blood is the medicine“, she writes on his notepad. At the end of the episode, they walk west together after Ellie shouts to Joel that it’s time to go. The first moment Ellie makes it clear that they have a mission, The Last of Us .

Ellie and Joel continue their way west

Preview episode 6 The Last of US: Kin

After the early release of the fifth episode of The Last of Us, HBO has also released the first preview for episode 6 of the series, which will air next Sunday.

Joel and Tommy will finally be reunited in this. Playstation players will also see a different location according to the description. There is also a hint to discover The Last of Us season 2. What is the meaning of the Tipsy Bison saloon is completely unclear, but it seems to be important.

Episode 6 is expected to go live again on HBO at regular time (Sunday night).

Picture Credits: Photography by Liane Hentscher/HBO

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