The number of traffic fines rose again last year

Also in 2022 we all received more traffic fines than the year before. Ok, the increase was not very big, but still. A total of 8,153,043 traffic violations were detected in the past year. That was almost 30,000 more (1.6%) than in 2021. The average fine amount also rose again, from €81.15 in 2021 to €84.16 in 2022. Specifically for speeding offences, the average fine amounted to €62.88. That was a few cents lower than the year before.

Significantly more ‘calling’ cyclists caught

Among the climbers, the ‘ringing’ cyclists and illegal parkers in particular stood out. Almost 60,000 more parking fines were issued. That could have to do with the fact that in 2022 – except for the first weeks – we no longer had any corona lockdowns. All shops were open and so it is likely that we also went into town more by car to shop.

The number of cyclists fined for using a telephone while cycling increased by more than 16 percent to 53,259 in 2022. The government does not state an explanation for this increase, so that remains a guess. Is there more checking? Or are cyclists generally more busy with their phones in traffic? Who knows may say. The number of fines for calling or texting motorists in 2022 amounted to more than 177,000. There were also quite a few (more than 18,000 or 11.5%) more than the year before.

Speeding offenses by far the ‘most popular’

Popular may be the wrong word, but of all the more than 8.1 million traffic fines, the lion’s share has been handed out for speeding; 6,512,086 to be exact. Compared to 2021 and decrease of almost 130,000. The Netherlands now has 31 roads where section controls are active. There, in 2022, a total of just over 2 million speeding drivers were fined.

It is striking that the longest existing, and most discussed, section control – the one on the A2 between Utrecht and Amsterdam – is also still the ‘best scoring’. More than 575,000 speeding drivers were fined there last year. You would say that everyone in the Netherlands has that trajectory control on their minds by now. Except maybe the new drivers. The least ‘profitable’ section control is the one on the N787 between Eerbeek and Brummen in Gelderland. There, ‘only’ 1,959 speeders were caught.

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