The palate is full

Spacious across an indoor and terraced dining area, the art bar, at first glance, doesn’t resemble your typical HKV hangout. Decorated with paintings and other object d’art, decorated with strips of light of different colors, the interior and exterior are a riot of color. Only runway-long bar counters, table-seat arrangements and vibrant commercial music from the speakers (they switch to live music by evening up-and-coming bands) remind you that you’re in the capital’s Hipster Heaven. The place serves as the curator of the local art scene, from where you can buy work by new talent. The main draw, however, remains food and drink.

Given the plethora of beginners on the menu (not to mention the play with their names, the document is more satirical than an 18th century comic novel), we decided to make a meal out of them, and because we want to say the names out loud. Accordingly we order Akbar Ki Ma Ki Sheikh Kebab Chat, Kukkad Fingers with Jaegermister Sauce and Bang Bang Chicken for the feeling of acquaintances. Like the climax of an coming-era novel, the last comes first.

Bang Bang, for brevity, comes in an unusual format, it is a pakora. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, it is served in a round wrought iron stand, with tamarind and lime sauce. The succulent chicken combines with the ubiquitous aroma of besan to give a spell of authentic comfort. Right at her ankle, Akbar like any good mother; Onions, tomatoes, peanuts and pineapple sliced ​​chopped kebabs dusted with chopped spices, and it’s the hottest thing on the table, which respects the bang bank too).

The fingers of the cuckoos finally come. Textured like pakodas, with semolina or round shape, with fingers that looks like a typical tartar sauce but further inspection shows that it has been spiced up with the herbal flavors characteristic of German Digestif. When the mildly pickled chicken is combined with the sauce with a kick, it becomes the hero of the time.

We make one last expedition: spiced lamb chops with korma sauce and toasted almond beets. Bright, juicy chops on a bed of rice garnished with a creamy sauce, French in texture but full native in flavor, sliced ​​almonds add extra play to the whole dish. Excessive salinity aside, it has been dealt with in complete silence of good eating and soon the plate will be cleaned we will get our fair desserts next time.

Meals for two: Rs. 1,500 (inclusive of tax, excluding alcohol)
Address: TB 6 & 1A, 1st Floor, House Khas Village. 41551445

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