​The trailer of the movie BlackBerry is wonderfully nerdy

“Imagine: a telephone and e-mail device in one.” If you think of that as a smart head, then you are brilliant. That has been proven, because the BlackBerry phone brand has made itself immortal in a very short time. That it went downhill just as quickly after that, we leave that aside. BlackBerry is mainly a celebration of how this keyboard phone became so hip, although its demise is certainly not forgotten.


In the first trailer of the flick we see something that many people who have an office job are familiar with. Someone comes up with something super creative, but then you have to add commercialism to it. The man who says, “I’d like to work with you, but only if I’m the CEO.” Sell ​​the soul to the devil, don’t you? In addition, another devil also passes by in this film, namely the Apple product that helped ensure that no one wanted to type with two thumbs anymore: iPhone.

The film stars Jay Baruchel (How to Train Your Dragon), Glenn Howerton (It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and Matt Johnson (The Dirties). The latter is also the director of this project. This successful project, we can say, because the film has already been shown at film festivals and there it received a very high rating: 95 percent of the critics are positive, according to Rottentomatoes.

Losing the Signal

BlackBerry hits theaters in May. If you can’t wait, read the book Losing the Signal, which fully maps out the history of this now ebbed phone brand. That’s the book the movie is based on. It actually has a much longer name, by the way: Losing the Signal: The Untold Story Behind the Extraordinary Rise and Spectacular Fall of BlackBerry. Fortunately, for the movie name, they just keep it simple on BlackBerry.

Are you curious about how BlackBerry is doing now? There was a period last year when it looked like BlackBerry might be returning, but that eventually fell through. You can read all about that in our article with the sad name BlackBerry is dead. But luckily the brand is still alive and kicking in the film and we are very curious how the end result of this special story turned out in film form.

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