‘This moment will always be remembered’: Miss Universe Thai puppet artist Harnaz Sandhu likes her puppet version

After a gap of two decades, Harnaz Sandhu brought home the coveted Miss Universe crown in December last year. He made the country proud on the world stage as well as surprised everyone for his confident demeanor and style choice. Among the many who have admired her around the world is a rather puppet couture in Thailand who paid a rather sweet tribute to the winner of the beauty contest.

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Grace Panisara, who founded the anonymous doll clothing label, created a mini-doll version of Harnaz’s Miss Universe winner look. Miss Universe shared a picture of the doll on Instagram and wrote, “It’s beautiful”.

Harnaz praises artist’s work (Source: Harnaz Sandhu / Instagram)

The Harnaz doll can be seen wearing a similar shiny silver gown with a submerged neckline and a slit in the front, which was originally designed by Saisha Shinde. Not only that, it is also seen adorning the bezel’s crown and sash.

“I love playing with two things – dolls and beauty contests. So, I put them together to create a masterpiece,” Panisara told IndianExpress.com about her creation. We’ve noticed the complexities of making it as detailed as possible. ” “All materials and embroidery are done in the best detail,” he added.

Sharing her joy at Harnaz’s praise, the doll’s costume designer revealed, “I also received happy birthday from her. I’m really happy. This is a moment I will always remember. ”

The 30-year-old artist has recreated the looks of several beauty contest winners and runner-ups, always paying special attention to the finest details of clothing and accessories.

“I’ve been making doll costumes since I was a kid because I’ve always wanted to wear a beautiful evening gown like the one I saw the actors wear on TV,” Panisara said.

Revealing that he started making these costumes because he couldn’t wear them himself, the Thai-based artist added, “I love my work very much. I never get tired of making these dolls. “

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