​TikTok is discontinuing its BeReal clone

BeReal has become less popular as an app, despite attempts by the makers to add some new things to it. Let alone what about the clones of it. TikTok is one of the companies that made such a BeReal clone, but it will come back to that now. It stops with its BeReal variant TikTok Now.

BeReal clone

According to tech expert Matt Navarra, TikTok has issued a notice stating that it is discontinuing TikTok Now. They write: “We are updating the TikTok experience and we are discontinuing TikTok Now.” It’s no surprise, because BeReal also experienced a huge spike in usage, only to see the monthly number of users drop by 61 percent. Generation Z has long since left the app, there are now mainly older generations that still use BeReal on a daily basis.

BeReal is the app that gives you a notification every day at a random time and then has to take a photo within two minutes, whereby the app takes a snapshot with both cameras. No time to stage everything, to put on a thick layer of make-up, but just, real. That was the idea and it was a good idea: the app had many millions of users in a short time and finally there was some stirring in the social media world again. Instagram came up with a copy, TikTok came up with a copy, but eventually the fun of just taking a picture every day turned out to be boring and people left BeReal.

Tik Tok Now

TikTok Now launched in September 2022, but no matter how many users TikTok has (150 million units), it didn’t really catch on. People probably didn’t really understand the added value of it, besides that they probably already had BeReal, if they thought that concept was so cool. There simply wasn’t really room for something like that within TikTok. And it now appears: TikTok Now is going to disappear. Not everyone has yet received the notification via the social medium, but now you know. Are you going back to BeReal or is it over with the candid day photos?

Do you miss BeReal a bit? Check out our article with all kinds of fun memes that resulted from the popularity of the app.

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