Toyota recalls the electric bZ4X SUV

The unveiling of the bZ4X was big news for Toyota. It was the first all-electric car, an SUV, for the Japanese manufacturer. That same EV is now again in the news. A little less positive this time. Toyota has had to decide to recall all copies of the bZ4X already delivered. There are about 2700 worldwide, of which 2200 are intended for the European market.

Don’t drive anymore!

The reason for the recall is the fact that the wheel nuts can become loose, which means that, even while driving, there is a chance that a wheel will ‘peel free’ from the car. It should be clear that this can lead to accidents and life-threatening situations.

Toyota is now recalling all units of the bZ4X produced in the past two months since delivery began to resolve the issue. Owners are urged not to drive it until the car has been fixed. Fortunately, there aren’t very many yet, as the lion’s share of the 2700 EVs have not yet been delivered to customers.

The Toyota bZ4X is not yet available in the Netherlands. The Japanese EV is currently only available for pre-order. This also means that by the time the bZ4X arrives here, the wheel nut problem will have been resolved.

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