Under the skin

The pop-up, time and space in Asiad Village is not a continuum. The restaurant is spread over an indoor dining area and a white-tent Al Fresco area, where a much-ventilated jasper grill, located outside, exhales a bouquet of appetizing aromas. The interior proud chalk walls are scrolled in visitors ’comments, dominated by a large bar counter decorated with bottles on one side.

The menu greets you like an old friend, or rather like a new friend, in a very conversational tone and with modern European content, including Indian accents, just to get things out. The main ones are divided into runners, flyers, swimmers and hipsters (for the vegetarian part) and a starter section called foreplay. The price is like the road to Landor, steep but more than effortless; Starter at Rs 600 and Main’s double. A meal for two without alcohol will cost you around Rs 3,500.

We start our foreplay with an undressed tart (all euphemism has to be placed squarely on the door of the pop-up and not the author), it includes goat cheese, sun-dried tomatoes with caramelized allium (you have to guess the exact shape of the genus. ; Well-cooked, incavate, sweet but gray onion), seasonal greens, black pepper and tomato-mixed pickled balsamic. The tart graham comes in cracker-style, nestled in a forest of greens and is spread with goat cheese. Playing textures and flavors can get you to “ma-ma” (or “or-or”) in an ideal world of gender equality.

Warning to the reader: When there is a crowd, the pop-up takes some time to pop out its meals, so be prepared to wait; The food justifies it but in the work manna it may not be your midday.

Our main items are bacon, cheese and mushroom donut burgers, topped with crispy pieces of bacon and roasted potatoes with sesame wasabi cream, green beans, grilled tenderline tornadoes with cherry tomatoes. Tornadoes come first, a sleek cut of beef mixed with a touching Kasundi sauce, lying on a bed of roasted potatoes. Our knives, forks, and guillotine hands themselves, quickly throw away some of the meat and food, without any holes. Doh’nut burgers hang until the end, stuffed with chicken-room, cheese and slippery bacon.

But time and space stopped, leaving us no place for dessert.

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