VanMoof is temporarily stopping: no bicycle sales for a while

If you want to buy a VanMoof, you may have to wait a while to be sure. Although the ebike brand itself claims that it is temporarily stopping the sale of its bicycles on its website because it cannot keep up with the number of orders, there are also people who say that there are financial problems. And that is dangerous when it comes to a ‘connected’ device.


You can probably still buy a VanMoof from other bicycle sellers and of course always on Marktplaats, but ebikes are temporarily unavailable via the official website of the brand. Techcrunch writes that based on various sources. At the moment, the company would be diligently looking for financing, something we also saw a few months ago with the competitor Cowboy.

However, it is not only that finances are a problem: several top people have also resigned, including people who have started businesses. The president, Gillian Tans, is also said to have resigned. However, all this has not yet been confirmed by the company itself. Still, it is exciting: after all, these are bicycles that mainly have many online advantages and if the trendy Amsterdam brand does go under, the question is what will happen in terms of connectivity and updates.

Ebike popularity

It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on. One side of the story looks very dark and grim, while VanMoof pretends that things are going so well that production cannot handle the orders. The SX4 and SA5 in particular would be in great demand. But then, why is production suddenly lagging behind? Is that just bad planning? The story seems to rattle on all sides. And that’s not a nice feeling for people who already own a VanMoof: is it not going well? Will the app still be supported? And what about parts?

Hopefully we don’t have to wait long: the sources tell TechCrunch that a blow may already be given to the survival of the hip bicycle brand this week. It would be a great shame if such a Dutch brand, which is very internationally known and does make good products, were to die. And not only for the people who have ever opted for such a two-wheeler.

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