ViaPlay you can now also take a day: for the main prize

KPN has announced a ViaPlay day pass. This allows you to purchase the streaming service for a day, for example if you would like to see the Formula 1 race in which Max Verstappen may become champion (probably Monza Italy, just the week after the Dutch race in Zandvoort). It is not a cheap day pass: it costs 12 euros.

ViaPlay day pass

That is not cheap at all: you are probably better off temporarily taking out a subscription to the Scandinavian streaming service, because it costs 16 euros per month. That is not cheaper after the recent price increase, but you can watch a whole month instead of just a day. ViaPlay not only broadcasts sports, it also shows films and series (although the offer is somewhat sober). So 8 euros is half the price and then you don’t purchase it from Viaplay, but from KPN, which is a somewhat clumsy intermediary.

But on the other hand: if for whatever reason you have problems that make such a day pass the only option, then you don’t have to miss anything. Two beers on the terrace where you can watch F1 is just as expensive. Plus, you’re not tied to anything and that’s nice. KPN gives you access to preset channel 290, so you can watch the service via your decoder. However, it only seems to apply to ViaPlay’s Formula 1 offering, so you may not even have access to everything ViaPlay has to offer.

Prefer F1 TV

A day pass is not new: it already existed before football, but then it costs ‘only’ 6 euros. KPN is clearly aware of how popular Formula 1 is. We are curious what ViaPlay thinks of it: it is not too easy. It has lost many subscribers since the price increases and so has to look for creative solutions. Would this be one of them?

We wouldn’t be so quick to opt for a day pass, because you can purchase F1 TV Pro for 8 euros per… month. You can then, for example, hear the commentary from Sky Sports and the more technical commentary from F1 TV itself, including David Coulthard’s fine accent. Then you also only have access to Formula 1, but then several races, because it’s the whole month. Plus, you can watch the onboards of all drivers and that offers – especially if you are a fan of a certain driver – added value.

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