​Ways Tech Has Contributed to Sports Betting Online

When it comes to the gambling industry and online bookmakers, it is regularly stated that they have expanded the possibilities considerably in recent years. However, the leap in options and innovations between 2000 and now is not due to these companies. It is the tech companies that have driven the developments and that now ensure that hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands can gamble in a pleasant and safe way. In what ways have these tech firms made sports betting so much better?

Fast deposits thanks to tech

POV: You are ready with chips and cola to watch the Dutch national team play in Qatar. Suddenly you get the idea to put €5 on a profit for the Netherlands, but the match starts in 5 minutes. No problem; thanks to the tech companies it is possible to make a deposit at a bookmaker that is immediately visible on your balance. Incidentally, this does not only apply to gambling websites; This has also opened up a new world for online shopping, where you can transfer money anywhere in the world within seconds.

Without the tech, this would have taken 3 to 5 business days. Then you could have forgotten that bet on Orange.

We owe mobile play entirely to tech

The era of entertainment behind a laptop or computer is behind us (for a while). We don’t need a PC anymore, because we all walk around with a mini computer in our pocket. This is again thanks to technological innovations, which have ensured that particularly small components ensure that our telephones can handle complex programs without any problem. This has also opened the doors for mobile games. You can think of numerous puzzle games (whether or not via Facebook), but the mobile phone is also widely used when a gamble is taken. You can even bet on sports from the stadium while waiting for kick-off surrounded by screaming football fans. Or just from the tranquility of your own backyard.

Live streams and esports

You’ve probably already watched a stream, from your favorite gamer for example, or a tech giant who tells his story live to inspire other people. E-sports are also not unknown among tech enthusiasts. These two branches were completely unimaginable in the pioneering days of the Internet. At the moment it has become the standard. A streamer from Southern Italy can gain fans all over the world without any problems and be encouraged from Chile and Siberia at the same time.

These developments are indeed on the verge of the springboard. Several tech companies are already very busy developing blockchain applications and applications that should significantly improve scalability. Of course, in this context we can also think of the companies that are constantly working on improving the network; optimal internet connection remains necessary (regardless of whether this is 4G, 5G or via an Ethernet cable).

Optimal ease of use

However, where we see the biggest improvements, and not just in sports betting over the internet, is ease of use for the average consumer, gamer or gambler. The tech companies have ensured that everything works better, is faster, but above all much safer. For example, consider the SSL encryption of data, anti-malware and virus software to keep malicious files out of our mobile phone and computer.

Here too, it is good to keep an eye on blockchain developments. Certainly in the field of security, identification and verification, great promises have been made by many large and small companies that deal with tech on a daily basis.

What can we expect from the near future for sports betting?

The tech companies are not sitting still. Developments that bookmakers will mainly capitalize on are the possibilities that the blockchain offers, and the e-sports as an additional industry to offer betting options to the gamblers. When this can happen on a larger scale, there is a good chance that these matches (just like the virtual sports at the moment) will be broadcast by the bookmakers themselves and no longer exclusively via the streams of participating teams. Definitely enough to keep an eye on if you’re a fan of applied tech.

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