Why did Prince George wear a suit and tie at Wimbledon despite feeling hot?

Viewers may find this confusing or even funny, but there are many royal protocols that members of the UK royal family are expected to follow. This can include how they dress, how they talk and present themselves, food etiquette and even the accessories they wear.

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The first born children of Prince George, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate Middleton, all eight years old, but he began to dress like his father – in formal attire – during public appearances.

Recently, the young prince made his Wimbledon debut when he went with his parents to watch the men’s final on Sunday. According to news reports, George apparently told his father after they arrived that he was feeling “too hot” in his suit and tie.

Although temperatures in London were high because the city was struggling with heatstroke problems, we wondered why George was not allowed to wear anything more comfortable. The answer lies in the fact that Wimbledon has a strict dress code not only for players but also for guests.

Prince George, who will turn nine on July 22, sat in the front row of the Royal Box at Center Court, where “men” must wear “suits / jackets and ties”, the Wimbledon website says.

When he was still a boy, George was seen in formal attire during many occasions, especially in public appearances with his family. Just like his father, he is expected to follow this royal protocol, as he has now reached an age when he is supposed to wear a regular suit as opposed to shorts and knee-length socks.

Interestingly, when William was close to his age, he also went to Wimbledon with his mother, Princess Diana, in 1991 after a suit for his ninth birthday.

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