​Why you may soon be able to watch Euphoria on Netflix

Amazon Prime was already planning to ‘lend’ its series to other streaming services via license, but now HBO Max also appears to be concocting something with Netflix. While HBO Max is busy changing the streaming service after the merger with Discovery, it is the same Discovery that will probably ensure that you will soon be able to watch HBO Max series on Netflix.

Warner Bros Discovery

Deadline reports that talks are underway between Warner Bros. Discovery and Netflix for licensing HBO series. That could be very interesting, because HBO has been the purveyor of great series for many years. Game of Thrones, The Sopranos, The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, Euphoria, Sex and the City, just to name a few.

It was first a kind of Filmnet (now Film1), a paid channel on television, but it has now also been a streaming service for more than ten years on which you can see the series just mentioned, just like, for example, the new The Idol where The Weeknd cooperates. The reason for doing this is that it brings in more money.


HBO has many series that are highly sought after, but if many series are licensed to Netflix, then HBO Max becomes a considerably less interesting streaming service to keep. On the other hand, it does not immediately put its entire repertoire on the red N: it would initially be about the fine series Insecure, which has five seasons. In addition, there are other series in the pipeline, but which they are is still unknown.

We wouldn’t be surprised if that’s Euphoria, a rather out of step, rock-solid series of a caliber that we don’t know on Netflix. Moreover, we do not see a series like Game of Thrones coming to Flix so quickly: after all, The Witcher already has that. The same applies to many other series: some people associate too much with HBO.


We are curious how this will continue. HBO doesn’t seem to be doing very well. The Idol has been through an abrasive series, so it is certainly not for everyone and is unfortunately seen as an example of how HBO seems to have lost its mojo somewhat since Max. That’s why it needs the money. The only question is whether the quick cash from licenses does not ultimately ensure that the streaming service itself is eaten up.

By the way, HBO Max will soon become Max. In some countries this has already happened, but in the Netherlands it is expected to happen in 2024. We also haven’t had HBO Max for a very long time: only since March last year. Anyway: next year that will change and it’s exciting what will happen with the special promotion of ‘a lifetime of HBO Max for half the price’ that the streaming service introduced at launch.

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