Wie is de Mol episode 10: the final in tweets

The final of Wie is de Mol has been played. We now know who the Mole is and what terrible mole activities have been committed. We spent ten weeks empathizing with the candidates, who did their very best there in breathtaking South Africa. The controversial red screen of Soy, the breaking of the ostrich eggs, the fishing for rubber ducks: a lot has passed, all to ensure that candidates were misled.

Results Who is the Mole 2023

What was especially striking and new was that telephone. We saw him at the beginning, somewhere in the middle, and in episode 9. First the candidates were supposedly told by phone who the Mole was and who was a regular candidate, later Jurre got his interview with the Mole (or was with themselves, right?) and at the end all candidates had a conversation with de Mol.

Ultimately, of course, the question is who the Mole is. We’ve known exactly who’s on who since episode 9. Ranomi sits on Daniel, Jurre sits on Daniel and Daniel sits on Jurre. Many viewers are also on Jurre. But is he also the mole? And what if Ranomi is de Mol? Then what happens to the pot. We already know that: if it’s her, the pot goes to the person who got the most questions right in the last test. It is therefore never the case that the Mole gets the money: after all, he or she has long had his or her pleasure. Who it is, do you really want to know? First some tweets, then we come up with the results.

And the mole is…

Jure! Daniel has done his investigative journalistic work well. He is the winner of Wie is de Mol. 9 months ago, Jurre got that call from Everon. He would have to do his stinking best not to be caught too quickly in South Africa. After five years of tension, it was announced. Jure so. You will have it: you are the mole…

Unfortunately, Ranomi is the loser of the Mole, although she was labeled Mole by many just in the nick of time. But yes, weren’t those rubber ducks too obvious? And that dive from the previous episode? Apparently so. Daniel Verlaan was also suspected a lot, but on the other hand he was very fanatical and often in the picture. For all Mollenstreeks we advise you to watch the final on NPO Start: that is too good to tell. So Jurre, that man who always seemed so friendly and more stupid and innocent than a sneaky mole. He’s done well. But Daniel even better. Congratulations!

And, until next year, when of course there will probably be a new season of Wie is de Mol.

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