​Wie is de Mol episode 5: hints and best tweets

Wie is de Mol is half. The fifth episode has been broadcast and is called Portraits. Before we dive in, let’s take a moment to reflect on that fourth episode, which unleashed tongues. How unfair was it that Annick had to go home when she wasn’t officially the person with the red screen? Mollots like it. Here are the tweets and hints we came across this week.

Assignment 1: Altar Ego

In the first assignment, the candidates have to put people who go to church in their places. That sounds less friendly than it is, but in the church of Tulbagh, the churchgoers must be placed in the right place. Where’s the cat lady? Where should the eldest of a certain street go? Where does the person who is always late go? We work in two duos, where one duo has to figure out who the churchgoer is and the other has to actually put them in the right place.

Each correct churchgoer is $100 into the pot, with a total of $2,000 to earn. It is striking that Daniel Verlaan immediately shouts what he wants and takes on his leadership role, but he later also indicates that he thinks that you have the most influence on the game and that is ‘where the Mol would like to sit’. Doesn’t really sound like something a Mole would say, does it? Or is this some kind of reverse psychology?

The game begins, which bears the somewhat odd name of Altar Ego. Also strange is that they all seem to have a different chair with them, of which Daniel even looks at a map of who sits in which chair, but the candidates decide to completely ignore the chairs and just go on the person. Jurre and Anke describe the persons and Ranomi and Daniël place them.

That, of course, turns out to be completely wrong. Ranomi laughs as the churchgoers mostly say ‘no’ when she finally says who they should be. Nevertheless, the candidates managed to collect 700 euros and that is not that bad at all, given the track record of this team. And Ranomi also politely apologizes to the people.

Money has been made and that is physical money! And there is actually a treasurer! “Are you trusting me?” says Anke with the flaps in her hands. Well, we don’t think she can be trusted, but whatever.

Assignment 2: Appearance

If you are wondering whether the group has suddenly become so small: no. Nabil and Soy meanwhile had another assignment. They have to put the money they earned from earlier in an envelope and later in the episode they have to convince people to choose the right envelope. One envelope has euros on it, the other jokers. How are they going to convince their fellow candidates to choose the right one? Meanwhile, the other candidates consider whether they want to share with the two what they have experienced… To be continued..

The second assignment starts: the candidates have to do a kind of escape room with a rather creepy touch. There is another woman haunting the Lord Milner Hotel and it is up to the candidates to make sure they get the secrets of the ghost Katie. In a very creepy voice it is told that candidates must look for their own image and urgently look at themselves. The others have to do something with the light outside. Once again Daniel, as a cockerel, calls out what he wants. Ranomi, Jurre and Daniel are team outside. Then they have to read all kinds of words in mirror image and link them to the candidates. It’s hard to see the amount of muddling going on in this assignment, but no doubt it happened.

In the end, the game with light turns out to have everything to do with Morse code. It all seems to be going reasonably well, although Soy doubts whether the candidates have found the words that suit the candidates. Everyone has to sit next to a box with their word. Soy is honest?, Daniël is cunning, Anke is devious, Jurre is smart, Nabil is honest (yes, but without a question mark) and Ranomi is small. However, that is not a character trait and it is therefore not good. Ranomi is allowed to sit down, but is not given a box. Did it go well after all, and was that Jurre or Daniël? Was it the Mole, or just a candidate?

You can earn up to 9,500 euros in this assignment. Now it’s about the game that has been playing for a while with Soy and Nabil. Each candidate receives an envelope with euros and an envelope with a joker on it. To the gentlemen to advise them. But how do they do it? Envelopes with money are doubled. There is a lot of negotiation, but in the end the candidates choose the following: Daniel has 2,500 euros for the pot and the joker then goes to Soy and Nabil.

Jurre chooses the envelope that contains a joker for herself. The money from the other envelope then goes away. Anke is the third and last choice for the envelope with joker on it. An envelope that actually contains a joker. The money from the other envelope disappears. 2,500 euros have been earned. The pot stands at 6,800 euros. “I’m happy, but you still feel guilty that you played money out of the pot,” says Anke, after kissing her first joker. Trust me, did you say?

In the end, Nabil and Soy have to argue a bit, because they don’t both get a joker, one of them gets it. Nabil thinks he gave a better performance. Soy agrees with him.

The test

The candidates will be traveling for the next two days, but must first take the test. However, we do not experience that in this episode, because it is lifted by AvroTros to the next episode. The outcome of Wie is de Mol? today: nobody goes home. Still.. Will two heads roll next week? We will see.

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