Wie is de Mol episode 9 – the nicest tweets and hints

Exciting times are ahead for Wie Is De Mol fans, because this is the last episode until the big reveal next week. The last moment to think about who the mole is, but also to estimate who the winner is. Is it Daniel, Ranomi, Soy or Jurre? Yes, there are four left, how does that continue in this ninth episode? This is our report plus tweets from the episode ‘Mole Appointment’, in which there will be abseiling.

Assignment 1: Abvallers

Boxes with squares, circles and all in different colors. One of the 7 chests contains 2000 euros, but they don’t know which one. What seems? All assignments that the candidates have done this season are the commitment for that money. The candidates are called 6 times during the abseiling and then get a question about the situations that occurred during the assignments.

Abseiling in a phenomenal way. You see the height. Ranomi may be a heroine in the pool: she is scared. And of course she also has to answer phone calls, which she welcomes with a cannonade. Saar is the first to be heard. She said that a green box should not be chosen if she had not been removed from it in the choir assignment. “So, do NOT choose a green box”, Ranomi repeats. No doubt it will eventually happen anyway.

Other former candidates also pass by with their statements. “Oh yes, of course I’m getting a call now!” exclaims Soy. Later he is also late to record again. Very clumsy. It’s also funny to see him say “Hey Sander!” calls, when it is clearly a recorded message rather than a real conversation.

Daniël decided, as a scaredy-cat, not to pick up the phone at all. It’s strange that a tech journalist ignores the phone, but that’s what fear (or being the Mole) does to a person. Jurre in turn goes for it, although he says he has not looked at the view for a second. But he does answer the phone, lamenting that he “wants to be there so badly.”

In any case, on Twitter we see many people expressing both admiration for Ranomi and disgust at how scary they find the assignment. “That bridge!” “I’m not going to look!” Even “puke noises!” passes by. Again, the cameramen have captured this assignment beautifully and that is clearly noticeable to all tweeters who fear heights.

In the end, the candidates discuss (in a hilarious way, thanks to Daniel who knew nothing) about the information that passed before choosing box blue and small. Soy pointed it out and Daniel was happy with it. However, there is not 2,000 euros, but 1,000 euros, which puts the pot at 11,650 euros.


In this episode, one more person is eliminated, so that we know who will go with Jurre to the final. It is very clear that several candidates think that Jurre is de Mol, so it is buzzing on Twitter. Daniel hopes the others have spread out so he has a green screen. He clearly has one Mole on his sights, and it is thought that he is on Jurre. In the end, the red screen turns out to be for… Soy. He is ‘soyieso’ not the Mole, to quote Rik. He’s done his best playing mole games, but it’s not him.

Soy got very lucky, he saved himself from the red screen by sacrificing Annick. At the beginning he did not think he would get this far, he says. Well, and then there were three left. If we can make our prediction, Daniël will be the winner, Jurre de Mol and Ranomi will be the loser. Although we really wish that sports heroine with her abseiling skills to win.

The test

We then get to see a strange conversation between Daniel and Jurre in a black room with two chairs, where Jurre says, among other things, “How you psychologically got into my head, because you like that, don’t you?” Jurre therefore suspects Daniel, unless he is actually the Mole himself, of course. The conversation continues for a while, Jurre asks questions about how Daniel did not always behave in a sporty way, while he would like to play sports. Daniel gets the chance to defend himself, while Jurre subjects him to a fire of questions.

Then we see the same setting, with Jurre and Daniël sitting the other way around. So Daniel is indeed at Jurre. He also subjects him to a fire of questions, but Jurre keeps his head cool. He feels honored that Daniel sees him as the mole. It’s crazy to see this confrontation. Normally this program is never so full of confrontations, certainly not so straight forward. Or down to the woman, because what about Ranomi? She also suspects Daniel, just like Jurre. Striking, because prior to this episode Daniel was one of the least suspicious moles among viewers.

But yes, who the mole really is, we won’t hear that for a whole week. Waiting a whole week for the redeeming word, but also for all those fun mole actions that we have only guessed at in the past 9 weeks. Who molded this entire journey through beautiful South Africa together? We will see it next week in the live unveiling at Soestdijk Palace, which will of course also be broadcast on television and even in the cinema. Until next week!

Image source: AVROTROS

Assignment 2: Exchanging comes crying

On a Freaky Fast Boat, the candidates have to wear the most expensive outfit, but what they don’t know is that the Freaky Fast Boat is very freaky fast. Screaming and laughing, the candidates skim across the water, making it almost impossible to stay seated at all, let alone take off their clothes. It is extremely contagious to watch how the candidates laugh so hard. But are they going to collect that 2,500 euros for the pot?

In an assignment that also manages to get many viewers rolling on the floor with laughter, we see that there have clearly been mole actions. Rik does have bad news for the candidates and Mol: Jurre wore the wrong hat, which meant that no money was collected at all. As the candidates prepare for the final test, there is one last call coming up, a phone from the Mole.

There is a total of 11,650 euros in the pot. Again insanely beautiful images with seals and swimming, smiling candidates follow, before they are back in a room with only that telephone in the middle. Just as they started. Someone is about to get a call from themselves. That person is the mole. It is noticeable that Daniel answers the phone, looking at his fellow candidates. “Are you the mole, Daniël? The fanatical enthusiast who said he can really be trusted?” De Mol says, among other things. However, he also gets a chance to speak with de Mol. “If you know who I am, or am I talking to myself?”

Ranomi is told: “Are you the Mole, Ranomi? The woman who always keeps her cool, someone who knows how to perform under pressure, but who just lost herself in the game.” Even now it sounds about that opportunity again. The same applies to Jurre, about which de Mol says: “Are you de Mol, Jurre? The best boy in the class, someone who really wanted assignments to succeed. Someone who often showed that in the game.” says the mole. Jurre has of course called De Mol before, but that didn’t make this conversation any different for him.

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