Will LG supply OLED screens to Samsung?

LG and Samsung have more competitors, but the competition between the two Korean brands is one on which both brands depend the most. Both Samsung and LG do not want to be inferior to each other, and they will do almost anything to outdo each other. I noticed about ten years ago how fierce the competition was.

I was then in Seoul for a press trip at the invitation of LG. At the head office it soon became clear that the name of the biggest competitor was hardly used by anyone. Samsung was simply called ‘The S-company’. Insiders assured us that on the other side of Seoul, at the competitor’s office, LG was known as “The L-company.” To collaborate? That was, outwardly at least, out of the question.

LG OLED screens in Samsung TVs?

Seen in that light, it is therefore not surprising that I was rather surprised by the news that came out this week. Anonymous (obviously) sources have told Reuters that LG Display will soon be supplying OLED screens for Samsung TVs. Mind you, there are no official reports yet about what would be a very special, and unlikely, collaboration between Samsung and LG.

Five million LG OLEDs to Samsung in 2026

According to the sources, LG Display, which has been losing money for more than a year, would like to boost its turnover and profitability with the ‘Samsung deal’. Initially, it would concern the delivery of about 2 million OLED panels in 2024, and in particular the larger White OLED (WOLED) panels of 77 and 83 inches. In the following years, that delivery would be expanded to, eventually, 5 million screens in 2026.

When asked, both Samsung and LG declined to comment on these rumors. But that is also ‘standard operating procedure’.

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