​You are now only allowed to read x number of tweets per day

Elon Musk has introduced something new: a maximum number of tweets you can view. If you have Twitter Blue, you can read 10,000 tweets per day, otherwise it’s 1,000 (unless you’re very new, then it’s only 500). The new policy is accompanied by enormous fuss and a lot of teething problems. For example, you now have to log in to see tweets: something that was not necessarily necessary before. This only concerns the web version.

Twitter daily limit

The reason for this new policy has everything to do with the large-scale data collection that takes place on Twitter. At least, policy: the best man has changed his mind since the announcement of the daily limits. Initially it was 6,000 messages for Blue subscribers and 600 for regular subscribers, but that has now been adjusted. In fact, it has also been 8,000 and 400 in between: but we now seem to have stopped at 10,000 and 1,000 tweets per day. You can write tweets to your heart’s content.

It would be a temporary policy, although that raises the question of why it is necessary at all: if the reason is data collection: that will still apply if it is stopped again. It remains a strange sensation, especially because it comes out of nowhere and in the middle of a weekend. Still, according to Musk, Twitter would suffer a lot from manipulation of the system and data collection and do it purely for that reason. He also says that it is ironic that his tweet about this policy is the most viewed tweet ever (with more than 200 million views).


It is not certain when the policy will be withdrawn again. And fair is fair: even if it were, you still never quite know where you stand with Elon Musk holding sway. That makes it extra exciting to use Twitter, but many people who have already built up a lot on the platform find it difficult. Others disappear and seek refuge in Mastodon, Telegram and other social media platforms, or for example Blue Sky, which was founded by Twitter creator Jack Dorsey.

Other people think that Musk is deliberately sinking Twitter deeper and deeper, in order to then transform it into the kind of new, uber-social medium. Moreover, there is a rumor on Mastodon that Twitter is mainly harassing itself: a kind of DDOS-sen would take place by Twitter itself by making an endless loop of requests on the social medium. The home feed is down and there are more things that clearly no longer work well: as if Twitter is completely broken.


By the way, if you want to escape that maximum number of tweets that you are allowed to read, you can choose to log in to Tweetdeck and read tweets from there: that currently works fine as a workaround, although the question is until when.

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