You can now repair your Samsung phone yourself

Samsung is introducing a way in the Netherlands to repair your own device yourself. That way you are no longer dependent on call houses or official roads and that makes a difference. You won’t lose your phone that way and in some cases it’s also fun to tinker yourself. Stressful, but fun. A bit like an IKEA kit. It’s fun to do, but the end result is also very important.

Repair kits

The repair kits that Samsung is coming up with are suitable for the Galaxy devices S20, S21 and S22, which means that fans of the brand’s latest smartphone are still fishing behind the net. However, if you own a Samsung laptop, you’re probably in luck: the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 both also come with different parts that you can use to repair the laptops.

Don’t just think of a new screen, a new touchpad and a new housing, but also a manual to carry out the repair and things like glue and screws. If you also buy a repair kit, you will receive tweezers, for example, depending on the device. a suction cup, a PH000 screwdriver and plastics that allow you to detach the screen for repair. In some cases, a heating pad is even added to loosen the screen by heating the adhesive.

European legislation

The chance that the Korean superpower in the tech field does this completely from its heart is small. Legislation is being drafted in Europe to give citizens the right to repair. Several telephone companies have recently made repair kits available, including via iFixit.

Next month, Samsung will announce its new foldable devices in Seoul: these are less simple devices, so we don’t see any repair kits for a Flip or a Fold passing by.

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