You will soon be able to do an eye test on your smartphone

You can now do an eye test yourself at home. Now you can of course print a piece of paper with all kinds of letters, stand at a distance and ask someone to check whether what you say is correct, but you can also opt for a better way. At least, if you live in the United States. There you can use a kind of device via EyeQue VisionCheck that you put on your smartphone with which you can check the condition of your eyes.

Do an eye test yourself

Through an app you can do different eye tests to get a good idea of ​​where a possible weakness is. When you consider that about sixty percent of people have or could use glasses, you understand that a gadget like EyeQue can give many people a push in the right direction. This can be especially valuable in the US, where healthcare is extremely expensive. After all, those people who don’t see well also get into the car…

The device is reminiscent of binoculars and you put them on the screen and then look at all kinds of things with the app. The device was developed in collaboration with the brains of MIT. Of course it’s not as good as the optician’s autorefractor, but it can be a first indication that something needs to be done. It works about the same mechanism, but in a smaller way. The device costs about 80 euros and comes with a membership. But it is only available for 1 person. It therefore seems impossible to measure your entire family with it.

Glasses or not?

Furthermore, it is a set of eye tests as you know them: numbers, letters and of course the well-known circles with an ‘exit’ in them. The device looks for what your eye can’t do well and that has everything to do with distance, so it’s no wonder that you used to have to provide the right answer at the school doctor from a distance. Now that doesn’t have to be that far away and that’s because of that device. After all the tests, the app tells you what your deviation is likely to be, with the advice of course to have it checked through the official channels.

It is confronting for some to have to wear glasses, but people in traffic are grateful. And ultimately your eyes, of course.

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