Zomato brings Foodie Index to help you find quality restaurants

Zomato has launched a restaurant quality index called Foodie Index to help users know about the quality of restaurants in a particular area. The Foody Index is available to developers worldwide as an API that they can integrate with their existing rental and travel platforms.

The goal of the Foody Index is to help people looking for rental accommodation and paying guests, and to compare neighborhoods based on restaurant options when deciding where to stay. With the new Foodie Index, Zomato uses its deep local restaurant information and user-generated content to calculate a score that indicates the quality of restaurants in a particular area.

“Travel and real estate platforms will find it particularly useful, enabling them to provide information about the quality of food in a particular neighborhood through the convenience of Zomato’s location-based Foodie Index,” according to a release.

The property portal CommonFloor is the first platform to use the Zomato Foodie Index API. CommonFloor has provided Food Indexes across India in their Locality Map section to help users identify ideal neighborhoods based on the great places to eat in their neighborhood.

“Zomato’s Foodie Index has the same intent and vision that we simplify property decisions. The index only provides information outside of nearby restaurants and lets a user know what a location’s rent is in terms of the quality and variety of restaurants in an area. Lalit Mangal, co-founder and chief product officer of Commonfloor, says it will be very helpful for rent seekers and paying guests and those who want to compare the surrounding areas based on restaurant options when deciding where to stay.

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