ViaPlay crashed: big losses and share plummeted

ViaPlay is still a relatively new streaming service with us. Started last year with the broadcasting rights of Formula 1 as a big hit. In addition, they have the broadcasting rights for Darts and the German and English football competitions in many countries, including the Netherlands. Of course they have to pay a lot for … Read more

10 tips and tricks for Netflix

We can recommend a hundred films and series on Netflix, but what really helps you is knowing how it works. Where is which button, how can you use it for yourself as much as possible so that you get the most out of your subscription, especially if you have to pay even more later because … Read more

Torrent site RARBG shuts down: end of an era

Everyone still knows Pirate Bay, but there are also millions of people who use another Torrent site for their movies and series: RARBG. However, that will soon change, because RARBG will stop. RARBG, which has a strange name that looks like an abbreviation, but actually stands for RAR (a zip file) and BG (Bulgaria), has … Read more

10 good movies and series on SkyShowtime

We have had SkyShowtime in our lives for over half a year: the streaming service that combines the range of various American channels and is full of classic films. It is not a streaming service that constantly releases new content, at least: not as intense as others, but it does regularly contain new content, including … Read more

Google infringes Sonos patent: $32.5 million fine

Sonos is right. It has been arguing with Google for years about whether or not it infringes patents and now the court has ruled that Google indeed infringes Sonos’ patents. The end result? Google must pay $32.5 million. Sonos vs. Google The patent is a bit less pronounced than you might think, although there are … Read more

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